Shells Edit

  • Green Shell - Locks its target (the wall) and hits it.
  • Red Shell - Locks its target (your rival) and hits it.
  • Blue Shell - Locks its target (yourself) and hits it.
  • Yellow Shell - Locks its target (the first place guy) and hits it.
  • Pink Shell - Locks its target (the female character) and hits it.
  • Cyan Shell - Locks its target (the Brawl Sonic) and hits it.
  • Purple Shell - Locks its target (the AU Luna Loud), goes in said universe, and hits it.
  • Orange Shell - Explodes every kart.
  • Brown Shell - Locks its target (the last place guy) and hits it.
  • Black Shell - Locks its target (Mr. Game & Watch) and hits it.
  • White Shell - Locks its target (White Adam) and hits it.
  • Gold Shell - Locks its target (the first place guy) and hits it.
  • Blue Flying Spiny Shell - Locks its target (the first place guy) and hits it. Makes an asplosion.
  • Suicide Shell - Locks its target (yourself) and hits it.
  • Tag Shell - Knocks down opponents oto the ground.

Boos Edit

  • Boo - Steal an item.
  • Big Boo - Steal two items.
  • King Boo - Steal everyone's items.
  • Little Boo - Too small to steal a whole item. Instead, the Little Boo rips someone else's item in half and steals half for you.
  • Retarded Boo - Floats around you, making the annoying kid in the backseat more annoying. Also whenever you get an item, the retarded boo throws it away.

Bacons Edit


Other Items Edit

  • Coins - They come in Bronze = 10, Silver = 20, Gold = 50, Platinum = 100.
  • MK$. You use it to unlock stuff (see Unlockable Stuff).
  • Bob-ombs - Bob-ombs are uncommon items in Dodecagon Dash that can be used by any player, which has a small explosion length.
  • Hammer - The infamous hammer returns in Dodecagon Dash as a rare weapon. You can only use it three times, but has a 5 sec. KO for each hit.
  • Star - Makes you invincible for 8 seconds, The rarest item in the game.
  • WHOA!- You Scream whoa at the enemy loudly to knock em' out for a second (The whoa isn't loud like the whoa series.)
  • Angry Sun-Goes out and burns your enemies.
  • Oil - use it and get all oily
  • Square Enix - use it to own Geno
  • WaMushroom - triples your speed backwards
  • Teh Shrug - makes you be indifferent with the other karts
  • Good Mushroom - The only good item, accelerates your kart
  • Doritos - Makes You Go 99999999999999999 times as fast, only works on Jess.
  • N00B - Adds a really annoying N00B to your cart, eats the map, throws the items at the driver, and makes you go 0.000000000000000000000000000001 km/h forever.
  • Banana - Makes you slip in a totally clichéd fashion.
  • Thunderbolt - You get struck by lightning and die. Apparently more people die in lightning than car crashes.
  • Bob Omb - Asplodes before you can throw him.
  • Pokéball - Captures your rivals. Gotta catch 'em all!
  • Ham - The saturated fats in the ham subtly increase your cholesterol levels, slightly shortening your life expectancy.
  • Cowbell Guy - Yells at opponets that he has to have more cowbell.

Cut Items Edit

  • Mexican Wario Clone - Locks onto target (everyone including yourself) and throws over 9001 Mexican Warios (that each ate over 8999 buritos ten seconds ago) at each player with their buttcheeks on the players face, five seconds later all of them would fart. This item was removed from the game because the item is so cruel, satan wouldn't dare use it... *shiver*.
  • Roundhouse Kick - Kills any enemy, also knocks them into space. It was cut from the game because otherwise Chuck Norris would kill Nintend'oh.
  • Weegee - Looks at opponents. Opponents get distracted and crash. Opponents turn into weegee. They can't move thus, they can't drive. Cut because weegee was too handsome.
  • Kickroll - Repeats the lines 'Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down' until you get bored of the game and throw your remote at the screen. It was cut because it would send everyone who played it on a killing spree.
  • Cannibalism - Only evidence left is a model.
  • Shotgun - There is unused coding for this item, and it was fully operational. This was most likely cut since it was unbalanced
  • Gold Desert Eagle - Files for the Gold Desert Eagle still remain. It is almost entirely complete, and it can be used normally with Cheats.
  • Mario Cannon - A text string remains.
  • RPD A light machine gun - Files exist for this weapon in the game data.